Site Clinic • Website Audit & Diagnostics

Overview: Maximize your website’s potential with our expert Website Audit service. Proactively identify and resolve issues to enhance your site’s performance.

Benefit From Our Expertise: Tailored for both small businesses and large enterprises, our Website Audit services are designed to elevate your online presence.

Transform Your Website: Don’t let hidden problems limit your site’s potential. Our thorough, accessible, and insightful audits will help you position your website as a high-performing, user-friendly, and conversion-optimized asset.

Privacy Promise: We are committed to protecting your privacy. All personal information (name, email, and website) will be securely handled and deleted 30 days after your consultation.

Eligibility for Free Plan: Our service is intended for owners and representatives of personal or company websites. It is not available to web designers, developers, or agencies to ensure a focus on non-specialist users.

Audit Packages:


  • Scope: Analysis of the home page or a specified URL using Google Core Web Vitals.
  • Approach: Personal analysis by Pablo, not automated tools, ensuring a detailed and actionable assessment.
  • Delivery: Report delivered within 7 days.
  • Cost: $5


  • Includes: All features of the Free Analysis, plus usability feedback, design critique, and a GTMetrix report of the homepage or specified URL.
  • Detail: Comprehensive, personalized, easy-to-understand analysis based on Google and GTMetrix reports, supplemented by site visitation insights from Pablo Esquivel.
  • Delivery: Delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.
  • Cost: $29


  • Includes: All features of the Basic Analysis, plus user experience and user interface reviews, and a SWOT analysis by Pablo Esquivel, a seasoned website developer active since before the web’s commercialization.
  • Cost: $79.

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