Business Sessions: Reflecting on the Past, Shaping the Future


Pablo Esquivel

In the Beginning

The “Business Sessions com Pablo Esquivel,” a weekly event created by former Google Business Group manager for GBG Curitiba, Pablo Esquivel, represents a significant and impactful initiative in the Curitiba business community. Conducted in Portuguese, this event was tailored to cater to the local audience, emphasizing the use of Google tools and technologies to enhance business operations.

As the host, Pablo Esquivel brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise, focusing on digital strategies, business growth, and the effective use of technology in business settings. The sessions were designed to be interactive and engaging, offering participants a blend of educational content, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities.

The event helped small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals improve their businesses and grow their networks. This community grew so significantly, it aided organizations such as SEBRAE, COPEL, Prefeitura de Curitiba, PUCPR, Universidade POSITIVO, the State Government, and many other respected entities to organize enriching and empowering events.

These business sessions stood out for their community-centric approach and the inclusion of various guest hosts, aiming not only to impart practical skills but also to foster a sense of community among local entrepreneurs and business professionals. Participants were expected to gain valuable insights into the application of Google technologies in their businesses, along with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals.

Before the pandemic, in a time when everyone was still taking chances, Pablo made the difficult decision to pause the events to preserve participants’ health. While criticized at the time, this measure proved effective in preventing COVID-19 spread among the community.

As if the pandemic alone wasn’t bad enough, other news arrived. Google decided to halt GBG activities in approximately 100 countries around the world where the program operated. The company then moved the initiative from Google Asia Pacific headquarters to Google New York Headquarters, where the GBG Program was blended with other Google initiatives such as Grow with Google – a program very similar to GBG but carried out by Googlers, not volunteers.

After 12 years of hard volunteer work and no income, except the priceless gratitude of the participants, a shocking pandemic, and significant company changes, Business Sessions and GBG Communities came to an end.

But something unexpected happened…

The Business Sessions event was very prominent among other events created at GBG Curitiba and had become a very strong community. And all these things that happened did not affect participants’ and management’s engagement, nor their wish for the event’s return.

Starting in the 2nd quarter of 2024, we’ll begin to rebuild this community, aiming for a richer and more sustainable approach than ever before. Members will continue to receive support to grow, and we hope they’ll extend that help to others, just as in the past. We’re committed to delivering valuable and free content to our members. To ensure sustainability, we will introduce a premium membership option that we believe many will subscribe solely to support the community. However, premium members will enjoy additional benefits, such as access to weekly meetings and a dedicated WhatsApp Group for Growth and Support.

This is our way of providing real value while seeking sustainability in a balanced strategy. It not only respects the effort of the organizers but also maintains the ethos of community support that always was the cornerstone of our Business Sessions.

Welcome to the revitalized Business Sessions initiative. You can be a part of this exciting journey right now by joining our newsletter and tuning into our podcast. I hope you’ll find these updates both valuable and inspiring.

Best regards,

Pablo Esquivel
Business Sessions Creator

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