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Pablo Esquivel

We began creating websites for our direct network in July 2021 because of the requests from our network, companies that knew about our expertise. At that time we published a modest website as a minimum requirement, intended for presentation not for marketing or further engagement.
After publishing 15 mayor sites, we think it’s about time to show our work and make it available to everyone.

We are happy to announce that in May 2024 our new website not only showcases our work but also has a Digital Magazine where our readers can freely learn more about how to reach their customers , the new website is very mobile friendly and available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We hope the content is useful and interesting to our new visitors.

We aim to become more and more a trustworthy online source for people trying to build their internet reputation and brand awareness as we are for our consultancy customers.

Also, the new website was designed to better showcase our distinct approach to increasing brand awareness, which consists of four steps that we call “The Journey.”

The Four Stages of The Journey

These stages deliver best results when done in order but certainly be done one at a time or even separately.

Planning: Discuss about possibilities and eventual outcomes while exchanging ideas with stakeholders and brand owners. This cooperation aids in developing a roadmap and improving understanding and interpretation of the current scenario.

Build: Ei! completes all tasks according to plan, resulting in a quick, reliable, SEO-compliant, and mobile-friendly website. Each detail that was decided upon during the planning stage is put into practice.

Enhance: The fine tuning an existing website that is up and running. We evaluate what’s working and pinpoint areas that call for improvement. Our focus is site quality, content and user experience, we can also provides copywriting services.

Promote: This is the moment to spotlight  this great website. To increase traffic, we create and manage campaigns using Google Ads as well as other platforms.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new site and welcome your feedback.

Join the Journey!

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