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Alcatraz Security

New Site

Alcatraz Security marks the latest venture by the team behind IAM Tech Day. This innovative platform emerges as a hub for cybersecurity, featuring insightful articles from diverse authors and hosting a mix of both physical and virtual events.


The client entrusted Ei! with the task of replicating the exceptional user experience crafted for IAM Tech Day, while simultaneously forging a distinct visual identity for Alcatraz Security.

60 days

Challenges and Solutions:

Custom Event Management System was developed to meet very particular demands.

Project Features:

Seamless User Experience Continuity: We successfully mirrored the high-quality user experience of IAM Tech Day, ensuring familiarity for the existing audience. Our design strategy focused on creating an intuitive interface that subtly hints at the connection between the two initiatives, while making it evident that they cater to different facets of cybersecurity.Innovative Look & Feel: The unique aesthetic of Alcatraz Security sets it apart. The design language uses bold color contrasts and dynamic layouts, reflecting the cutting-edge nature of cybersecurity. This visual distinction helps users immediately recognize Alcatraz Security's individuality.Mobile-First Philosophy: Our approach transcended the conventional responsive design framework. We prioritized mobile usability from the outset, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction on smaller screens. Only after perfecting the mobile experience did we scale up to larger displays, maintaining functionality and aesthetic consistency across all devices.

Services Provided:

Plan > Consulting Build > Web Design Enhance > Content Management