IAM Tech Day

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IAM Tech Day

IAM Tech Day is a global event that brings together major players in the cybersecurity market, featuring both in-person and online events. Its previous website was effective in promoting a single event, prominently displaying it on the homepage for months, allowing ample time for interested individuals to register. However, if a second event occurred a week after the first, this second event would only be exhibited for one week. The organization was concerned about providing enough time for people to learn about and register for each event.

The entire website has been redesigned, including a new internal event system that not only solves this problem but also offers great flexibility for managing events. The articles section has also been revamped for improved SEO benefits and user-friendliness, not to mention the enhanced aesthetics. Another major upgrade is the mobile presentation of event information, which now allows for clear access to all details, making registration easier on mobile devices.


Site needed to attend several events and the old site only could handle on at a time.