WPML Setup

WPML Plugin Setup and Configuration

Expand your website’s reach and cater to a global audience with our expert WPML plugin setup and configuration services. At Ei! • Custom Web Development & Marketing, we specialize in setting up and configuring the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin to transform your website into a fully multilingual platform. Our services ensure seamless translation and optimal performance, allowing you to engage with users in multiple languages effectively.

Our WPML setup process includes the installation and activation of the WPML plugin, configuring language options, and integrating translation management features. We ensure that your website’s content, including pages, posts, menus, and widgets, is fully translatable. Our team also sets up language switchers and handles the translation of themes and plugins, providing a consistent and user-friendly multilingual experience.

With our WPML plugin setup services, you’ll benefit from a streamlined translation process, improved SEO for different languages, and enhanced user engagement across diverse markets. Whether you’re targeting new regions or catering to a multilingual audience, our expertise ensures your website is equipped to handle multiple languages seamlessly and efficiently.

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