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Design Sprint

Innovative methodology by Jake Knapp, implemented in collaboration with Sprint XP, to speed up and optimize your project development


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We conduct a comprehensive checkup of your website, including a detailed SWOT analysis, to ensure the health and efficiency of your online presence.


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We are available to discuss and advise on any other issues related to your online presence and Internet projects. Feel free to reach out to us.



In a world where technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, is rapidly advancing and transforming both the market and everyday life, staying up-to-date has never been more critical. During my 12-year journey as a leader in the renowned global initiative Google Business Groups, I noticed a common challenge among entrepreneurs: the struggle to keep up with technological innovations without neglecting their business operations.

Driven by this insight, I developed Business Sessions, an innovative and free program designed to empower entrepreneurs in efficiently using technology. This program stands out by offering direct and applicable guidance, taught by renowned experts in the field of technology.


After the Google GBG program concluded in 2020, a venture that expanded across over 100 countries, I am delighted to announce that the spirit and core objectives of the program continue to live and are accessible through this site.

Starting in 2024, I begin a new phase, providing a wealth of information and valuable resources for entrepreneurs. We also optimistically look forward to resuming collaboration with the talented professionals who were the backbone of Business Sessions for many years.

Additionally, for those seeking a more in-depth and personalized experience, I am offering exclusive consulting and specialized training services, available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, conducted via videoconference.

Join us on this journey of continuous learning and innovation