Pablo Esquivel

Hi, i’m Pablo

The arrival of the Internet caused an impact similar to that of Artificial Intelligence today, since its beginning I have dedicated myself to studying and working with this impactful phenomenon.

I have witnessed very successful projects and others not so much, this experience allows me to help you and your company avoid these problems that others have encountered along the way.

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In Argentina, from a young age I worked for companies like IBM and Microsoft, and at the age of 29 I founded a prominent hardware company.

When I moved to Brazil I worked on the Brazil for You project as IT director where I was responsible for an ambitious online project.

Later I would open my first company in Brazil responsible for wonderful projects such as the Nex Coworking website in Curitiba, the UFPR Museum of Archeology and Ethnology website, the Google Business Group website in Curitiba among many others.

For 12 years I was Manager of an international initiative at Google called Google Business Group where I trained businesspeople participating in the group to help them develop their projects and ideas.

In the same period I was invited by universities such as PUCPR, Universidade Positivo, OPET, Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná, UFTPR and UFPR to take a market view and share Digital Marketing with postgraduate students. .