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Raiz Nova Institute

Raiz Nova is a Brazilian non-profit organization focused on sustainable environmental practices. Their previous multilingual website did not provide a user-friendly experience, at least from the demanding perspective of the client.
While much of the content was retained, the whole website was entirely rebuilt from scratch with a completely reimagined look and feel.
The site’s mission is to showcase the NGO’s proposal and achievements to an international audience.

Project Features:

Easy-to-use CMS for simple updating, Multilingual, Minimalist Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Vida Nutri • Dr. Flavia Libonati

Healthy body, healthy mind! Vida Nutri, by Dr. Flavia Libonati, is your space for valuable tips on maintaining well-being.

Project Features:

Features: SEO, Modern, Responsive, Mobile First, Tailored Scripts, Blog Enabled, Fluid content, Copywriting.

Consulting • Web Design

Prates Accounting Services

Prates Accounting is a company dedicated to providing high-quality accounting services for individual microentrepreneurs, microenterprises, small, and medium-sized enterprises since 2011.
The company made an impressive move on Social Networks and wanted the site to be the center for all user interactions.

Project Features:

Features: SEO, Modern, Responsive, Mobile First, Tailored Scripts, Blog Enabled. Fluid content.

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Curitibana Business

The customer required a website that would not only serve as an informative platform but also actively foster a community for female entrepreneurs. It should offer networking opportunities, business education, and support tailored to women in Curitiba. The design must be user-friendly and inclusive, highlighting our various initiatives like professional training, mentoring programs, and entrepreneurial showcases. Additionally, the site should feature a vibrant, engaging interface that encourages interaction, membership subscriptions, and showcases real-life success stories to inspire our audience. The customer’s goal is to create a digital hub that empowers women in business through accessible resources, community connection, and ongoing professional development.

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Alcatraz Security

New Site

Alcatraz Security marks the latest venture by the team behind IAM Tech Day. This innovative platform emerges as a hub for cybersecurity, featuring insightful articles from diverse authors and hosting a mix of both physical and virtual events.

Project Features:

Seamless User Experience Continuity: We successfully mirrored the high-quality user experience of IAM Tech Day, ensuring familiarity for the existing audience. Our design strategy focused on creating an intuitive interface that subtly hints at the connection between the two initiatives, while making it evident that they cater to different facets of cybersecurity.Innovative Look & Feel: The unique aesthetic of Alcatraz Security sets it apart. The design language uses bold color contrasts and dynamic layouts, reflecting the cutting-edge nature of cybersecurity. This visual distinction helps users immediately recognize Alcatraz Security's individuality.Mobile-First Philosophy: Our approach transcended the conventional responsive design framework. We prioritized mobile usability from the outset, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction on smaller screens. Only after perfecting the mobile experience did we scale up to larger displays, maintaining functionality and aesthetic consistency across all devices.

Machado & Valdivieso Attys.

New Site

In this project, the customer needed a website that reflected the excellence of the law firm and its care for their clients. They also wanted a boost in Google Search Listings. We applied the law firm’s existing visual identity in a non-intrusive way to emphasize the content. The user interface (UI) was enhanced for all devices, not just being responsive, but having different versions for each type of device. We also implemented SEO strategies beyond our standard practices to achieve specific results desired by the client.

Project Features:

Very fast loading loading site with pixel perfect responsive layouts SEO methods implemented before creation and maintained operative through a carefully designed easy to use User Interface.

IAM Tech Day

IAM Tech Day is a global event that brings together major players in the cybersecurity market, featuring both in-person and online events. Its previous website was effective in promoting a single event, prominently displaying it on the homepage for months, allowing ample time for interested individuals to register. However, if a second event occurred a week after the first, this second event would only be exhibited for one week. The organization was concerned about providing enough time for people to learn about and register for each event.

The entire website has been redesigned, including a new internal event system that not only solves this problem but also offers great flexibility for managing events. The articles section has also been revamped for improved SEO benefits and user-friendliness, not to mention the enhanced aesthetics. Another major upgrade is the mobile presentation of event information, which now allows for clear access to all details, making registration easier on mobile devices.

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