Build: (verb) To construct or assemble something by putting parts or materials together. It involves the process of creating or developing something, such as a structure, system, or project, through the combination of components or elements.

The Build Stage, Where Your Designs Take Shape

Time to create the Fast Responsive SEO Site your brand needs. In the BUILD stage, our expert team embarks on the technical setup, laying the foundation for your digital presence. We meticulously configure servers, including database and mail servers, CDNs, and domains, ensuring a robust infrastructure. Our custom-tailored WordPress platform, refined over a decade of web design and development expertise, is deployed to bring your vision to life.

The visual design, finalized in the PLAN stage, is now translated into a prototype site for your review. Upon your approval, we proceed to populate the site with the remaining content, all while keeping it under wraps with an “under construction” veil to maintain the surprise for your visitors. The grand reveal occurs only when everything is polished and ready for launch.

For those who prefer to take the reins, Ei! offers a comprehensive 2-hour online training session. This session empowers you to independently manage content updates. Please note, the training does not cover backups, extensions, or modifications; these responsibilities fall to you in a self-managed scenario.

For clients opting for Ei!’s managed services, rest easy with our Worry-Free Experience. We take care of content updates, backups, extensions, modifications, and hosting, ensuring your site remains seamless and secure.

Should your site require further enhancements, such as new pages or features, these will be treated as separate projects. We’ll provide a detailed quote for your approval before proceeding.

Routine updates, like changes to your contact information, are seamlessly handled at no extra cost as long as your maintenance plan is active.

Why ?

In today’s digital age, a website has transcended the realm of luxury to become a necessity. Consumers anticipate that businesses will present a fluid, user-friendly, and responsive website, showcasing their offerings to the global audience with finesse and accessibility.


During the Build stage, we meticulously establish the essential infrastructure, tailor platforms to your specific needs, and craft a bespoke website that embodies the vision and features meticulously outlined in the planning stage, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality.


Our skilled team of developers and designers collaborates intimately with you to ensure the project is perfectly aligned with your vision. Upon receiving approval from stakeholders, the site is then proudly launched for the public to access and explore.


The building phase commences following an extensive planning stage and persists until the site or product is primed for its grand debut. This pivotal stage is where abstract concepts materialize into tangible reality.


During the Build stage, our team takes the lead in execution, ensuring regular online updates and review sessions to maintain transparency and keep you actively engaged in the process.


Our process begins with establishing the necessary technical infrastructure, followed by the meticulous development and design implementation. This is then followed by a thorough review and approval process, ensuring everything is perfect before the grand launch.

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